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The SaaS of Circular Economy

Start a fully circular business model in minutes while measuring its ESG impact.







An AI powered ERP to manage all types of circular channels

With a set of modular apps you can setup and manage every step of the product lifecycle, from logistics, refurbishment, to transportation or payments – all in a no-code drag and drop interface.

An app for each step

of the product lifecycle

Create multiple circular channels with just a few clicks.

Where all starts! Onboard LoopOS and set the rules of your circular business model. Build the circular channel with only drag and drop Flows, define the Protocols for each step of the journey and decide the price rules for each category.

The interface of the Client with the system. This app runs all the front-end needed for online resell, returns, C2C selling/announcing process or rental management.

The App for business managers. Here they can accept and make proposals, ask more information or only overview automatic processes.

In LoopOS, an item can have multiple Exits. In this app you choose where those items will be available – in your store via API, in an outlet or in a marketplace build with external partner, like Sharetribe or Shopify

The Handling App is for repair, refurbish and logistic teams. This app democratized repair and refurbish Protocols. A retailer can connect to multiple refurbishers in LoopOS ecosystem.

Hubs App allows to run LoopOS in any physical store, for just to receive or deliver an item, or to run an inspection protocol and trigger the payment in that moment.

Power your business with LoopOS

Create and manage circular economy channels with just a few clicks

A growing ecosystem

LoopOS sets the tone to the most powerful circular economy ecosystem, enabling and connecting all stakeholders from retailers to refurbishers and service providers.

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